Марк Григорян (markgrigorian) wrote,
Марк Григорян

Armenian children killed in Damascus

Syria conflict: Grief and anger in Damascus

... Antoun Mikho held his head in his hands as a doctor stitched the wounds of his eight-year-old niece Vanessa.

Her white trainers with a pink flourish rested on a metal bed nearby.

"My niece was a pure angel," he told me. "She was in the 4th grade and loved going to school. She cried when she couldn't go."

Vanessa made her last journey along the cobbled streets of the Old City in a simple coffin carried by a white pick-up truck bedecked with white garlands.

A large framed photograph of a little girl with big brown eyes bobbed at the head of the large procession, which made its way to the Armenian Orthodox Church right next to her school.

(See the story here)

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