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The Times о событиях в Тбилиси

В сегодняшнем номере The Times статья Тони Халпина (Tony Halpin) о событиях в Грузии. 


End of the Rose Revolution as riot police are sent in to quell protests

The Rose Revolution in Georgia unravelled in a haze of teargas last night as riot police broke up protests and the pro-Western President declared a state of emergency.

Mikhail Saakashvili accused Russia of attempting to destabilise Georgia, while special forces troops fired teargas and rubber bullets and used water cannon on demonstrators in running battles in the capital, Tbilisi.

The violence is the most serious challenge to Mr Saakashvili since he swept to power on a wave of popular support in the pro-democracy Rose Revolution in 2003. It also threatens American policy in the strategically important Caucasus region.

Mr Saakashvili is strongly pro-American and has clashed repeatedly with President Putin in his efforts to move Georgia out of Russia’s orbit and into Nato and the European Union. Last night he declared a 15-day state of emergency across the country. Police stormed two opposition television stations later and closed them down. 

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А для тех, кто не читает по-английски, выдержки из статьи в переводе на русский можно прочесть на вебсайте "Кавказский узел". 

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UPD: Вот еще хороший обзор британской прессы о событиях в Грузии на Би-би-си

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