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Война, политика и связь с реальностью
В Сирии идет война. 

Самая настоящая война. Почитайте сообщения: "Пригороды Дамаска, которые были захвачены оппозицией, взяты под контроль сирийской армией. В операции применялась тяжелая бронетехника и вертолеты". 

Уже 10 месяцев страну раздирают волнения, беспорядки, более 5 тысяч человек погибло. Это беспокоит, кажется, всех: Лига арабских государств требует, чтобы Асад ушел, передав власть вице-президенту, чтобы тот сформировал правительство национального единства и организовал выборы. 

А Россия -- против. А Россия делает все, чтобы никто не вмешивался в массовые убийства, которые сейчас происходят в Сирии. А Россия предлагает переговоры, причем совершенно неясно, кто пойдет на переговоры, когда ситуация так далеко зашла.

Лавров не берет трубку, когда ему звонит Клинтон -- он занят на переговорах в Сиднее... 

Полное ощущение потери чувства реальности.


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Sorry, I'll have to answer in English.

LiveJournal is an open discussion platform, and the format fosters involvement of different people with the discussion threads. The threads are not about the people, they are about topics.

If you are looking to hold a private discussion with Gago, you guys can use LiveJournal's private messaging service. By posting a public comment thread Gago implicitly welcomes other people to join the discussion.

I'm surprised we have to go through the basics of blogging format.

Because discussion threads are supposed to be centered around subjects and not people, it made no sense for me to start a thread with a subject that was already being discussed.


Please, take into consideration the following: your deliberations look very much like a schoolboy's demagogy, when he tries to avoid punishment for a very simple offence.

Please, don't do that anymore.


Areg, if we are talking about the blogging format, let's talk about the ethics of a conversation. When two grownup men are talking there is no need whatsoever of a third person intervening. I am surprised I have to remind you of this very basics of communication.

If you have something to say -- say it with your own words, say it loud and sound without hiding behind someone else's words. That the second cornerstone of a conversational ethics.

And -- please remember -- there is an option of blocking unwanted comtents. And that has nothing to do with the First Amendment.

I do hope that you will appreciate this little lesson of ethics and from now on will either talk for yourself, or keep silence. Sometimes, silence is not a bad thing, you know.

Seriously, that's what the private messaging service is programmed for. Use it.

I know the basics of real life communication very well, and I do not believe I need your preaching on that subject.

You, on the other hand, could definitely use a whole workshop on online communications. Aside from understanding the idea behind public threaded comments, you need to learn not to get personal with people you do not know, and focus on the topic -- again -- not the people. The schoolboy comment was so irrelevant I will leave it unanswered. If you do decide to attend a blogging workshop of some sort, please do keep us updated on all the new amazing new things you learn there. In the meantime, check out the comment threads of some (more successful?) bloggers, and don't be shy to ask them why are they actually interested that different people join to discuss the same threads, how does it help them build a better community, and how Gago totally doesn't mind it.


Unfortunately, young man, you need a lot to learn about communication. But I leave it here. I have no time and nerves of continuing this conversation. If you have something to say -- you're more than welcome to do that. If you don't -- I am pretty sure you have much better things to do.

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