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Армянский премьер на Би-би-си

 На этот раз по-английски. 

Armenia PM Tigran Sarkisian 'ready for Turkish ties'

By Mark Grigoryan
BBC Russian Service

Armenia's prime minister says it is ready to establish diplomatic relations with Turkey without any pre-conditions.

"Having closed borders in the 21st Century is nonsense," Tigran Sarkisian told the BBC Russian Service.

The two countries have been deeply suspicious of each other for decades, and their border has remained closed since 1993.

Mr Sarkisian said he wanted Turkey's new government to show consistency in moving towards a rapprochement.

Opening the border, he said, would be a vital step in this direction.

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Tags: Азербайджан, Армения, Турция, геноцид, политика

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