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 Слушаю по Би-би-си радиоспектакль про геноцид. 

BBC Radio 3

The Light of Darkness

When Leslie Davis suddenly takes up a diplomatic posting in Harput, a remote province of Turkey, he is determined to find commercial opportunities for America. Instead, soon after his arrival, Turkey enters World War One on Germany's side. Davis finds himself playing poker to save the lives of his young secretary, his interpreter and many other Armenians. Later he wrote up the account of his Harput experience in a book called Slaughterhouse Province.

Louis Nowra is a playwright who has researched Davis's life and work and the history of Harput. He is based in Australia and was drawn to this story by way of his admiration for the music of the Armenian composer Komitas, which features in the play.

Consul Leslie Davis ..... John Guerrasio
Garabed Bergosian ..... Wiliam El Gardi
Sushan Krikorian ..... Betsabeh Emran
The Governor, Sabit Bey ..... Jack Klaff
The Chief of Police, Rachid Bey ..... Basher Savage
Dr Atkinson ..... Scott Handy
Mrs Balakian ..... Tamara Hinchco

Other parts were played by members of the cast as well as 
Rita, Elise and Maral Ovanessoff
Gokman Gubener
Abdullah Tercanli
and Haydar Koyel

Technical Production by Peregrine Andrews
Director/Producer: Judith Kampfner.
A Waters Company production.
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