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Интересная информация о США и Грузии

Интересная информация агентства Рейтерс.

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Если вкратце -- для тех, кто не читает по-английски -- то она о том, что, как сказал Мэттью Брайза, США предупреждали Грузию не вступать в прямую военную конфронтацию с Россией, потому что Россия намного больше Грузии (в 30 раз, сказал Брайза), и ее вооруженные силы больше грузинских примерно в столько же раз. Россия может ввести танки почти немедленно, и если даже Грузии удастся каким-то чудом остановить российские танки, то вслед за ними пойдет пехота, моторизованная пехота, есть и авиация... 

U.S. says warned Georgia against Russia fight 

By Susan Cornwell

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States warned Georgia against a fight with Russia, a senior U.S. diplomat said on Tuesday as Washington demanded Moscow withdraw its forces more quickly from the former Soviet republic.

"Our message was consistent to our Georgian colleagues ... 'Avoid a direct military confrontation with Russia at all costs. You cannot prevail. It simply is not possible,'" said Matt Bryza, the State Department diplomat who was sent to Georgia after the crisis erupted.

In some of the most explicit criticism from Washington of Georgia's actions, Bryza said the United States told Tbilisi that the Georgian military would be no match for Russia.

"Russia is 30 times as big as Georgia, its military is several times as large," he told reporters.

"It can almost instantaneously roll tanks in. And then even if you succeed miraculously in stopping the tanks, and the infantry, and the mechanized infantry, which move very quickly, it's the air power that's finally going to get you. And that is what happened." 

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