November 6th, 2008



Dr Mark Grigoryan

Thursday, 13 November 2008, at 7:30 pm
Nevart Gulbenkian Hall, Iverna Gardens, W8.
(Tube: High Street Kensington)

In this series, our speakers will present an Armenian song or genre of song, exploring its cultural and historical context. Listening to a song will help to better appreciate the background that gave rise to the song, whether current/popular, traditional, sacred or secular. The speaker will use both Armenian and English, providing an opportunity for those who wish to improve their listening skills and vocabulary.

This week, Dr. Grigoryan will present "That's how we live in our beloved town" (2004) (Հենց այսպես էլ ապրում ենք մեր սիրած քաղաքում). The piece by Forsh is a cheerful song about Yerevan and people known in the artistic circles of the city. The author introduces each one with a short description, portraying the town as a theatre or a museum. Some of the characters join the singer in describing the town and the way the people live there, singing the refrain together -- "That's how we live in our beloved town". (the talk will be in Eastern Armenian and English).
Wine and snacks with discussion afterwards. 

*   *   *

Буду рассказывать об этой песне